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I have nearly two decades of formal and informal ESL teaching experience. 

My teaching experience includes teaching young children, teens, adolescents, adults, business executives and military personnel. I have taught English to people in the United States as well as Latin America, Taiwan, Russia and China. I understand that learning a second language is not easy for some and mandatory for others. No matter what the case may be, I love to make my lessons interactive, fun and enjoy creating a comfortable environment where the students can feel free to share their ideas as I help them by correcting grammar, reducing their accents with proper pronunciation practice and increase their vocabulary.  

I am considered dedicated, enthusiastic and dynamic in regards to teaching, because of a lifelong love of the English language. I enjoy teaching English and that’s the reason why I’m full of patience and encouragement when teaching the language. Most of all, I love to have fun in the lessons as well as have my students enjoy themselves as they learn. I love to share the many teaching experiences I have had with my students as well as to listen to their experiences with the language. I teach all aspects of the language, including sayings, idioms, and expressions used in our daily conversations that are not often taught in books, along with the traditional aspect of the language. I look forward to having you in my lessons!