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Hello! My name is Georgia, I am an American teacher with a Master's degree in English and over 14 years of teaching experience in the United States. I can help you begin your study of English or improve the English that you have already learned. I teach General English, IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE and other test preparation courses as well as Business English and English for travelers. My three years at a large import company have given me valuable experience which is necessary to teach Business English.

I have studied and speak Greek and Spanish so I know how it feels to be a language student. You can count on me to be patient and personalize your class so that it is most helpful to you. I can work with all age levels and levels of ability. I can prepare you for whatever you might need: proficiency tests, the business world and travel.

I was a distance learning teacher teaching live on cable television for almost ten years so I know how important it is to listen closely to students, to be flexible and to find ways to work around the distance between myself and my students.

Using the computer and the Internet has been a significant part of my teaching strategy. And now with my Skype students, I continue to find ways to use the latest technology to help my students learn.

Before each class with me, the pages of your lesson will appear on your Student Website. That’s right, you will have your own Student Website! On this website you will receive each lesson to view and study. When there is homework to do, you can do it right on your student website where I can later view and correct it. It’s a system designed to make your learning convenient!

Good Luck in your studies!