• Ляпы переводчиков

    Ляпы переводчиков

    Ляпы переводчиков 

  • Parachute (let’s train superlatives here)

    Parachute  (let’s train superlatives here)

    On a flight on a small private plane, a doctor, a lawyer, a model, and an old lady with her grandson were the only passengers. Unfortunately, the plane developed engine trouble. The pilot went back to speak to the passengers.

    ‘I have good news and bad news,’ he said. ‘The bad news is that the plane is going to crash, but the good news is that we have some parachutes. However, there are six people on this plane and we only have five parachutes. As you can see, I’m wearing mine right now.’

    With that, the pilot jumped out of the plane, pulled the cord for his parachute and disappeared from view. The doctor spoke up first.

    ‘Well, my job is saving lives and that’s one of the most important jobs in the world, so I should have one of the parachutes’, and she took a pack and jumped.

  • Fishing in the rain (let’s train Past Continuous Tense here)

    Fishing in the rain (let’s train Past Continuous Tense here)

    It was a cold dark evening in February in the city. It was raining heavily and the roads were covered in water. George was leaving his office after work when he noticed a poor old man. The man was standing next to a puddle in the road. He was wearing long rubber fishing boots and he was holding a stick with a piece of string. The string was hanging in the puddle. George asked the old man what he was doing and the man replied that he was fishing. ‘Poor guy!’, George thought. The old man was obviously going crazy. George felt sorry for the old man, and he was getting very wet, standing outside in the rain, so he decided to invite the old man to have a drink with him in a nearby bar.

  • A night at the movies (let us train adjectives with –ed or –ing endings)

    A night at the movies (let us train adjectives with –ed or –ing endings)

    A well dressed woman was queuing to buy a ticket for the cinema. When she got to the front of the queue the man behind in the box office was surprised to see that she had a small dog in her handbag.

    ‘I’m sorry, madam,’ he said, ‘ But I’m afraid pets are not permitted inside the cinema.’

    ‘Oh, but he’ll be very good,’ the woman promised. ‘He’s very well behaved. I promise he won’t make a sound.’

    Since there weren’t many customer in the cinema that day, the man decided to let her take her dog in with her. So he sold her a ticket and she went into the auditorium and took a seat. The man, curious to see how the dog behaved, went into the auditorium a couple of times during the film. He was pleased to see that it was just as the woman had promised. The little dog was sitting quietly on her lap, without moving or making any noise at all.

    At the end of the film, as she was leaving the cinema, the man said to her,

    ‘That’s amazing. You were quite right. Your dog was very well behaved in there. The dog just sat there as though he was actually interested in the film.’

    ‘Yes,’ replied the woman, ‘I thought that was surprising, too. He didn’t enjoy the book at all.’

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