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I had no idea what they sang about, but I was so fascinated by the melodies and voices that I began to sing along imitating the sounds.

That childish fascination grew into the urge to know what those songs were about and, as a result, twenty years after, I became a holder of two MAs in linguistics and teaching English language and literature.
Over 15 years I've worked as an instructor and a tutor of the Russian and English languages in diverse student environments both in the United States and Russia. I've taught most recently Academic Writing and Argumentation at West Texas A&M University and the Russian language at Amarillo College (Texas).

I am frequently asked if I've enjoyed being an educator. Sure, I have. Sometimes it's easy; sometimes it's not. But teaching consistently enriches me and each student brings new experience. And I guess, 10 years of living and working in the United States polished my language skills to a certain competence that enables me to teach others.
All my classes are made based on students' learning styles, their needs and goals. I use a plethora of materials from diverse sources, and my teaching style is a combination of various methods and techniques.

My personal interests and activities are rather wide, e.g., I've been in sports for over three decades and have a BA in Exercise Sience. I travel as much as I can. I concern myself with history of Latin America and independently study Spanish.

P.S. I always encourage my students' love for singing. Music makes learning fun and it affects our life positively. I didn't become a musician but I did become a linguist. I like it. … 'Thank you for the music..!'