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I am from the UK and a town that you have probably never heard of. Kidderminster, is an area in the midlands, which means our accents are not too strong. 

 I have been teaching ESL for over 10 years which makes my age of 21 impossible, but age is just a number.  I have taken my teaching all around the world, having lived in china for 8 yeas before moving to Turkey in 2012, where I remain today. 

 I love a challenge and find that teaching English is a very exciting and rewarding job. Every student brings something new to my experience as a teacher, introducing new ideas or ways of thinking to my classroom. It is the students that create job satisfaction for me, as I watch and hear their English improve. 

I use a student centred method of teaching as I am confident that this works better and helps the students engage and focus on the subject more.

I have taught: general English, business English IELTS, BULATS and most forms of exam English available in the realm of English teaching.  

As I love travelling, I have found myself in many situations where improvisation was vital. As a result of living the expat life, I have first hand experience of learning new languages , and this gives me the ability to understand and motivate my students to keep progressing whilst learning new languages. 

want to know more then book a demo lesson with me, and see you in class.