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Besides an Associate‚Äôs degree in Criminal Law and another degree as a computer technician, I have two TESOL teaching certifications: International English and Computer English.  Being from Canada enables me to teach the differences between British and American English.

My work experience includes teaching kindergarten to grade six in Korea, kindergarten to high school in Taiwan as well as Business and Commercial English in Germany to administrative students, managers and engineers of all language skill levels.  I have done seminars about Negotiating in Berlin as well as giving specialised TOEFL and ESOL preparation courses and examinations.  I am an LCCIEB Oral Examination Courses Levels II and III Trainer / Examiner as well as an University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Business and English for Commerce) Trainer / Examiner.    

I am a very outgoing and friendly person who loves to help. This is what makes me happy. I am a very simple person. I teach because it gives me the chance to be with people and help them when they need it. I love to be creative and to find ways to explain things simply as well as in an interesting way.   Each person learns and progresses differently. With this in mind, I customize lessons to your needs and abilities while keeping the lessons simple, enjoyable and interesting. I will keep explaining until you understand. I am very patient so this is not a problem.

I always do an evaluation first in order to determine what you can and cannot do in English. It is also important to know how well you can understand because this will tell me what will be the best way to teach you and what to focus on. This way, we will fix one problem at a time. Lessons will be simple and progressive.

Come try a lesson! Let me show you how an English lesson can be fun to learn!

I hope to see you soon!