How to start training?


First step. Registration for a free demonstrative lesson

To get a demonstrative lesson, it is necessary to submit the corresponding application through a registration form. School administrators will contact you during the working day for coordination of a date and time of a demonstrative lesson.


Second step. Free trial lesson via Skype

During a trial lesson a teacher opens an essence of a training process, acquaints you with existing programs in detail, tells you about lesson structure, answers your questions and checks the level of already available knowledge of a student. Besides, the first session of communication in a foreign language on subjects of fields of activity, a family and a hobby is carried out. At the end of the lesson a methodologist recommends the most suitable program of training for this level of knowledge, coordinates time of the beginning of training, makes the schedule of lessons.


Third step. Commission of payment and first lesson.

If you liked a demonstrative lesson, and the teaching technique is approached for you, it is necessary to coordinate a method of payment with school administrators and to make an advance payment.

After payment confirmation it is possible to start training!

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