Preparation for Unified State Examination


The Unified State Examination is an ambiguous procedure, but it’s necessary and very difficult.  To pass it successfully a serious preparation is necessary. So additional classes are useful here. It is possible to learn English or German on Skype with the minimum time expenditure.

Unified State Examination consists of 4 sections:  listening, writing, reading, grammar and lexicon.  This examination is urged to reveal skills of perception of a foreign speech, skills of translating and understanding of the text, knowledge of lexicon and grammar, and also ability to express the thoughts in writing way.

Unified State Examination is similar to examination of FCE (First Certificate in English) in Cambridge and checks the general knowledge of language. For successful pass of this examination it isn't enough to learn all norms and irregular verbs, the level of proficiency of a language really has to be not below intermediate.

To prepare a pupil for Unified State Examination our school offers two types of programs.  The first means training within two academic years until Unified State Examination pass.  According to this program those who possess the Elementary level can be engaged.  According to one year program those who have the Pre-Intermediate level are engaged.

It is possible to correct the program depending on level of knowledge of the pupil and his working capacity. Process of training is accompanied by progress tests that it was possible to be convinced in the efficiency.


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