Language for travelling


If you feel difficulties at communication with foreigners during holiday and you feel that it’s high time to pull up your English for the most comfortable rest, we suggest to take the course "Language for Tourism". Fans of having a rest abroad will be able to improve a pronunciation, to expand a lexicon and to gain all necessary skills for travel, studying English on Skype.

The program Language for Tourism includes:

  • lessons of informal conversation
  • studying of how to express your thoughts in English
  • development of ability to perceive language
  • expansion of a lexicon, which is sufficient for trips
  • training in remembering of new English expressions and familiar expressions
  • improvement of reading skills
  • increasing of level of language knowledge

Getting our online course before holiday or a business trip, you will be able to speak easily in any country of the world and to resolve issues of accommodation, transport, food, shopping. Now you can read the menu in a restaurant or a sign on the shop, and also fill various questionnaires or documents in a foreign language.

Occupations take place in an interactive form, including a case method, role-playing games, listening tasks.

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