General/colloquial course


If you want to speak English easily with your friends or colleagues from other countries, and also to know language at a good basic level, we are glad to offer you to take an online training course in our school.  To study English on Skype is not only effective, but also it is fascinating.  We look forward you to spend some hours of speaking in English with advantage and pleasure.

The general course of a spoken language suits those who have a basic level of a language.

The purpose of this course is getting skills of oral communication in a foreign language, abilities to conduct business correspondence or correspondence with your friends, and also an ability to use language in different life situations.

The tasks pursued by this course, are:

  • to increase your lexicon;
  • to develop listening  skills;
  • successful overcoming of a language barrier;
  • training of correct pronunciation;
  • increasing of knowledge in grammar and lexicon

The program of training includes a set of interesting forms of communication, among them are role-playing games, dialogues, discussions, etc. Your active lexicon fills with new words and expressions, literacy of speech increases considerably, the pronunciation improves. We will teach you to construct and express your thoughts in a foreign language easily. Through preparation and checking of homework, grammatical games and audition you will raise the level of language, you will expand your lexicon and you will learn slang and idioms modern spoken language isn't possible without.

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