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Thank you that you have chosen Polyglot online school. We are ready to suggest you interesting, high-quality and extremely effective studying of the most popular foreign languages. You can learn perfectly with us English, German and French on Skype, and also Italian and Spanish online.

We set some purposes for ourselves:

  • firstly, to give our compatriots a chance to get into the fascinating world of foreign languages;
  • secondly, to make their communication with foreigners easily;
  • thirdly, to provide knowledge they haven’t had access to before.

Today the staff of Polyglot online school does everything possible for achieving the planned purposes. What helps us to achieve then? First of all, it is a professionalism and loving care to the business, erudition and devotion.

We say “no” to constant cramming! “No” to boring and monotonous learning of a foreign language. Long live fascinating English online and entertaining German on Skype!

Unique techniques which our teachers use make a process of training rather interesting. It’s not important, what language you choose to study, what purpose you set before yourself, the Polyglot online school will help you to reach it. The Italian online will raise your level of knowledge of a foreign language, will train in bases of business lexicon, will provide with colloquial practice.

Each employee of online school is interested in most effective training therefore all of us are ready to help you with the solution of any "language" problems. We invite you to join number of those who love and respect foreign languages.

And finally some more words about positive moments of online training in our school:

  1. Free schedule. Lessons take place in days and time convenient to you (lessons are possible even at night).
  2. Training technique is on your choice: business lexicon, tourist foreign language, professional, preparation for Unified State Examination, etc.
  3. Reasonable prices. The online course costs much below than individual occupations with the tutor or in a group. Meanwhile the efficiency is higher.

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