Open vacancies

ЭмблемаOnline school of foreign languages considers the offers on cooperation with teachers of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese languages.

From you:

  • Diploma of the teacher of a language or of a translator
  • Speaking the language you are going to teach at a certain level. It means easy speaking without mistakes, good pronunciation, full understanding of oral speech, scientific and literary texts of different levels of complexity in concrete language.
  • Training in the country of the language you know / residence in such country for rather long time.
  • Awareness about the last manuals on a language.
  • Desire and ability to work with pupils of different level of preparation, of different age, a skill to communicate, openness, a positive spirit.
  • Creative approach to lessons, aspiration to offer the materials and your practices.
  • Serious relation to your work of the teacher as to your calling instead of additional earning.
  • Punctuality and obligation.
  • Free time for lessons (it isn't less than 20 hours per week).

Cooperation conditions:

The teacher of our school can live in any country or a city of the world as training at school is conducted on the Internet, by free Skype program.

Send your CV to our e-mail address:

We are waiting for your letters!

You are a teacher of English, but you aren't sure, that your experience is enough for training through Skype?

In this case we want to suggest you to take an English intensive course with native speakers. This course allows receiving necessary skills for work on this system. It is possible to receive necessary knowledge for only three lessons. The course costs ___rubles.

The demands for training of Online Teachers send on address:___with a mark "I want to become a teacher on Skype". The high-speed Internet, microphone and a camera are necessary.

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