ЭмблемаThe document is issued by polyglotonline.ru after completion of training, - the certificate of the established sample:

Order and conditions of the Certificate issue

The certificate is provided in electronic form at the request of the listener after finishing of the course if the total examination in the chosen program took place successfully.

In the following cases the listener can get a refusal in the Certificate issue:

  • training came to the end ahead of schedule, or the program wasn't passed completely;
  • progress test or total examination are passed for an unsatisfactory assessment;
  • the listener has financial debt before polyglotonline.ru;

The certificate is issued within 10 calendar days from the moment of total examination has been passed.

Certificate status

  • The certificate can't be used as the document on education
  • The certificate is a property of polyglotonline.ru, full or partial copying, and reproduction of this document are forbidden.

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